“Not only did we buy a house through Mitch, we also sold a house and did a 2-bathroom remodel with him. The house we bought was a short sale. Mitch was knowledgeable of the process and completed the sale much faster than the industry average short sale timeline. A year into owning our house, we contracted Mitch to remodel our guest and master bathrooms. We loved the results and the cost was within our budget.

When selling our house, we were extremely happy with the price Mitch negotiated. The house sold for a lot more than an acquaintance real estate agent expected us to sell for. Mitch made it happen!

Combining Mitch’s real estate skills along with him being a licensed contractor, you can’t find a better partner when buying or selling your home. In all aspects of what Mitch does, he has your best interest in mind.”


“We interviewed many agents for the sale of our home. All were professional and I can’t say anything bad about any of them, but there was lots of talk about their teams, gimmicks and pictures, but not much guidance. Then I suggested my wife call Mitch, remembering all the suggestions he provided my landlord [when I was a renter]. When we explained why we we’re selling and our situation, Mitch was fast to give us valuable information. He directed us to things we could do that had a minimal cost, but increased sellability and price, and kept us from doing things that had no or minimal actual value. Thanks to Mitch’s guidance we entered the market at the right time and within 3 days were in escrow. Mitch wasn’t afraid to say we were undervaluing our home and suggested we increase our asking price. We did and still sold our home over asking. Mitch has his finger on the pulse of this market and knows his business. He guided us every step of the way, and we were never alone. During the negotiation, Mitch provided top-notch guidance, and his relationships and reputation with the other agents as a fair and honest person really helped the process. He provided suggestions based on his experience and knowledge. If you want real answers, awesome customer service and someone who listens and understands your situation, call Mitch!”


“Buying a cabin hundreds of miles from your primary home can be a daunting challenge. However, we immediately fell in love with a cabin that Mitch built in 2013.  In fact, we made the decision to buy within 24 hours. We have owned the cabin a bit over three years and have had very few issues. The construction is excellent. For the few minor issues we have experienced (much less than any new home that we have purchased), Mitch has been on it, taking care of them immediately. Mitch has also been very responsive when I have questions about the cabin. For example, a few weeks ago I shot him a quick note about whether we should worry about the amount of snow on our roof. He responded within minutes! I have worked with many contractors over the years. Mitch is absolutely at the top of the list. His work product is of the highest quality, he is responsive, and most importantly, he is someone you can trust. And because of that, I would recommend him to anyone that I meet!”


“Want an experienced contractor and knowledgeable realtor, who is cost conscious, knows the market, and will do a quality job, whether it’s remodeling your fixer-upper or building your dream home? Call Mitch. We bought our primary residence through him, and a rental property that needed a lot of work. He exceeded our expectations on both — and for less than what we planned to spend. He gets it done!”


“Working with Mitch on our new home was great. His professionalism and approach to the process was outstanding, including the extra effort of dealing with TPRA. He was always forthcoming with status of project and his estimates for completion were spot on. Bottom line; on time, on budget and very happy new homeowners.”


“I have been the proud owner of not just 1, but 2 “Mitch-Houses”. The first one I lived in was one of the first he built over 25 years ago. I was so pleased with the quality and construction of that property that I had Mitch build a brand new house for me in Tahoe Donner. I could not be more pleased with my beautiful new home! I would not have had the guts to build from scratch had I not had complete trust and confidence in Mitch Clarin in everything from finding the perfect piece of land to consulting with me on various modifications to the house. He is someone who has the honesty, knowledge and integrity that is hard to come by these days. Thank you Mitch!”


“We have been working with Mitch for over 16 years, both as a builder and as a realtor. His integrity is beyond reproach, and his workmanship is by far the best we have ever seen.”


“I’ve worked with Mitch over the last 16 years as a customer of mine at Truckee Tahoe Lumber Co. I’m his outside sales rep, which has allowed me to work closely with him. There are few people I’ve had the pleasure to work with that are as organized, thorough, accurate and efficient as Mitch Clarin. I have a profound amount of respect for him as a contractor/builder, customer and savvy business man. I have also come to him as a mentor for advice on every investment I make – I confer with him prior to making any investment decisions. Mitch helped me find a piece of investment property, sold it to me and then after doubling my money in just over a year, sold it for me – quickly. Most mentionable was my experience with him as my realtor when I sold my primary residence in Truckee. I was really new to the process and there is a lot one must go through to close on a house. Mitch walked me through it painlessly. I quite honestly could not have gotten through it without him. I’m a single mom who couldn’t personally perform the work for all the repairs of the inspection report. I was really lucky to have a realtor who was also a contractor – he sent his guys to my house and made all the repairs for me. I was so thankful. My only wish is that I could have had him as my realtor for the property I bought in Reno. Comparing the two experiences, I can honestly say I will never (ever) use another realtor. Mitch, please get your realtor license in Nevada by the time I sell this place!”


“Mitch has done it all for us, from building an addition, to repairs, to remodels, to finding us our new home and getting it for the best price possible. Mitch’s knowledge of the local market is matched only be his expertise in construction and remodel. We always call Mitch for anything we need that is home related. A real professional and a great guy. Always call Mitch!”


“Over the last six years Mitch has done a number of interior and exterior remodeling projects for us, as well as some adhoc property management. We also recommended him to two of our Tahoe Donner neighbors who hired Mitch to do extensive interior remodeling work. All of us agree the experience has been/was terrific. Quality work…on time…on budget…creative solutions…thoughtful oversight…community resource… These are just a few descriptive observations. “Call Mitch – He gets it done”, is exactly what he does.”


“We truly enjoy our new home by Mitch. He was so easy to work with and helped us make a few changes to the home to suit our needs. I appreciate his quick response to all of our questions.”


“Our cabin ended up being a Winter build, which creates numerous special deadlines, unusual conditions, and extra pressures. Every obstacle Mitch encountered, he handled and prevailed. Every objection Mitch received from the various entities, he handled and prevailed. We were constantly grateful we had Mitch Clarin on our side! Sometimes he made the impossible happen, because that was what the situation required.

It was obvious Mitch loved building our cabin. It seemed to be his top priority. We were definitely the beneficiaries of his decades of experience, conscientious work ethic, high standards, and the pride he takes in his results, as well as the friendship that was formed. Once construction was completed, our relationship did not end. Mitch has been at the other end of our phone calls numerous times, with help and advice.

We highly recommend Mitch Clarin without any hesitation whatsoever. We are thrilled he is doing well, and is once again helping build dreams for his clients.”


“During our walk through it was very clear that Mitch takes great pride in his work. We appreciated that he took the time to go over all the features of our new home, including those that addressed building codes that are future requirements.

There are always issues with new construction yet we’ve had very few problems  For the few things that have come up, Mitch has been very responsive.

We love our home and know we are in good hands with Mitch Clarin.  We have already recommended him to several of our friends!”


“We’ve worked with Mitch on the purchase and sale of four different homes in Truckee, and every transaction has been a pleasure. Not only is Mitch extremely knowledgeable about the Truckee real estate market, his background in construction has been invaluable both in preparing a home for sale and in evaluating a property for purchase. Additionally, his ability to handle the behind-the-scenes details and negotiations has made for exceptionally smooth sales and purchases. I highly recommend Mitch and truly don’t think there is a more skilled and knowledgeable real estate and construction professional in the Truckee area.”