Mitch Combines 30-plus years as a local General Contractor and 25-plus years as a local Real Estate Broker to his client relationships. This unparalleled knowledge and experience of the area & local building techniques make Mitch an invaluable partner when buying or selling a home. While walking through a home Mitch can immediately tell you what’s wrong or what’s right & how to fix up your home whether you are buying or selling.

Mitch can quickly assess structural or aesthetic issues, plainly describing a good, great, or bad deal. Most agents sell homes, Mitch BUILDS them!


Mitch can apply his contracting background to determine the best & least expensive way to prepare your home for sale, helping you get the most bang for your buck!

Mitch is much more than a real estate agent. He is a living encyclopedia of local codes & building techniques used to assemble any home or structure. This knowledge is priceless & available to ALL of Mitch’s clients whether a buyer or seller.

Mitch Clarin is a local personalized “Boutique” Real Estate Office offering specialized, individual service no “big box brokerage” can provide. When you contact Mitch, you get Mitch.